Security and privacy are every man’s business, but the internet is never a decent place to hide. A common way to mask your identity while surfing the web is to use VPN. But that leaves us with the question ‘what is VPN,’ ‘how does VPN work?’, ‘what are the best VPN recommendations for IPTV in 2021?’.

As experts, we will answer your questions; so you’ll learn how to stay safe when using IPTV. First, let’s know what VPN is.

So, what is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is software that secures your internet connection through layers of security structures. In short, VPN is a system that makes it almost impossible for anyone to track your online activities.

What is VPN used for?

Now that we know what VPN is let’s discuss the reasons people use it.

Encrypts sensitive data

When you use a VPN server, it encrypts your internet activity. That also means people can’t see what you do, including your internet service provider (ISP). With that, you enjoy better internet speed when accessing heavy websites.

VPN prevents hackers from seeing sensitive information that you enter on websites even more when using a Wi-Fi connection. So, VPN makes decryption harder, even if someone intercepts your data.

Unlimited Access to Websites

People who use VPNs can browse any website without restrictions. That’s because your IP address exposes your location, and you can only access websites that your country permits. If you want to bypass geo-blocks and censorship, use VPN.

Blocks ads and Malwares

Some VPN services come equipped with ad and malware blockers. So, you won’t experience distractions when gaming or streaming.

In short, you can use VPN for:

  • IPTV or streaming services
  • Torrents download

What is a VPN service provider?

A VPN service provider creates the software, then allows you to use it. In most cases, you download the VPN app, then subscribe to access the service.

How Does VPN Work?

Now you know what VPN is used for, let’s seen how it works.

The most significant purpose of using a VPN is to hide your location, IP address, and browsing history. A VPN service provider directs your internet connection through its network. That means the website and ISPs only see the VPN’s service location and IP address. If your VPN server is in the UK and you stay in Canada, your location changes to your VPN provider.

Your traffic session is from your PC to the VPN server before it lands on the intended website. Hence, your government or ISP cannot track your online activities or location. As said earlier, each website visited only sees the VPN’s address. The best VPN for IPTV uses different proxies and thousands of servers to prevent sites from blocking them.

Once you complete the subscription and download processes, you can link your device to one of their servers. Since top VPN service providers have multiple servers, you can access global content from anywhere.

How does VPN work with IPTV?

Most streaming services determine your location via IP address. After knowing where you’re streaming from, they will broadcast region-specific content only. With VPN, you can access any IPTV by making them think you’re surfing from another location. Hence, you can access content that shouldn’t be available for people from your region.

What is the best VPN?

With all the information you already have about VPNs, here are the top features to find:

  • Ability to work on all devices
  • Multi-servers
  • Easy to use apps
  • Fast internet speed
  • Excellent for torrenting and streaming
  • The split connection between VPN and public networks
  • 99% uptime
  • Automatic disconnection of browsers when your internet fails.
  • 24/7 live support

Now that we know the best VPN let’s consider the top three VPNs for IPTV service.

Our Top 3 VPNs for IPTV Service

Here are the three VPNs that performed well in all rankings and requirements.

Express VPN

Express VPN is pretty popular because of its peculiar ability to bypass Chinese censorship. Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands, they have a zero-log policy to boost users’ privacy protection.

What’s more, Express VPN has a formidable global presence, so users have no downtime issues. Express VPN boasts a proven secure infrastructure that prevents anyone from tracking your activities. Surprisingly, they offer one of the fastest internet speeds. Thus, they are pretty excellent for online games and IPTV services.

Express VPN works on Windows, Android, iOS, MAC, and Firestick devices. It downloads and installs within five minutes. Once connected, you have the freedom to browse any website of choice stealthily. Express VPN also offers a 30-day refund guarantee. That means you can get your money back if the service isn’t satisfactory.

Nord VPN

As one of the most popular VPNs today, Nord has consistently attracted many users because of its excellent service. They offer solid data encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your security and privacy.

Still, on security, Nord VPN uses CyberSec technology to block ads, trackers, and malware sites. This technology stops you from clicking on malicious popups that could harm your device. So, CyberSec provides users with fast loading speeds, improved security, and privacy.

Nord VPN is one of the few providers with the multi-chop feature. This functionality encrypts your data across two severs before entering the regular website, offering an extra layer of security. As such, users enjoy double protection against data breaches and other cyberattacks. Nord VPN multi-hop system also boosts internet speed by almost 20%.

In addition to the exceptional data protection discussed, Nord VPN is pretty reliable. So much that it’s impossible to experience any disconnection, their apps work on major operating systems and devices. Moreover, the app has user-friendly features that make settings adjustment easier.

To boost your confidence in their operations, Nord VPN has a no-log policy. That means it doesn’t store details like traffic logs, IP addresses, and connection logs.

If you’re looking for an intelligent way to stay entertained in the IPTV world, Nord VPN is perfect.

Ivacy VPN

As you already know, every internet user is vulnerable to spies, cyberattacks, censorship, geo-blocks, and data breach. To enjoy the best IPTV service, you should use a good VPN connection. Hence, Ivacy VPN has the latest security architecture to protect your interest.

Besides offering unlimited access to any website in the world irrespective of your location, Ivacy VPN allows you to log in with ten devices at a time. More so, Ivacy VPN masks your IP address such that you can unblock any streaming platform from anywhere. They also have a zero log policy, removing all fears about losing your private information.

Ivacy VPN is pretty affordable. Besides their 30-day trial, they come equipped with 2Tb cloud storage for users. If you want a reliable and secure location to save your data, Ivacy VPN should come to mind.

Bottom Line

VPNs are pretty essential in today’s internet world. They protect your online traffic data and helps bypass censorship and location blocks. If you’re looking for the best VPN for IPTV, we recommend Express, Nord, or Ivacy VPN connections.

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